Hotlinking is bad…


Some Myspace faggot directly linked to my site the cunt, i gave him a helping hand with his profile and spruced it up a little

Click the pictures to enlarge.

Graphic Imagery.

His profile is found at:

Update: LOL, already getting comments on his profile about the pic.

Update #2: He has now removed the pic.

Update #3: Added hotlink protection, and checked the logs. it seems there are others on myspace that have been posting images, the pages include the following, but you’ll need to hit ctrl+f5 on them as your browser has already cached the images off here;

4 thoughts on “Hotlinking is bad…

  1. rcdarkangel

    I fucking loled. Myspace punk 0, cactuar 1.

    I have to laugh at the comments to about the background lol. Nice work

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