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Running a PowerMac G4 Headless

Running a PowerMac Headless – Finally a soluton that is cheap!

After searching around on the net i have rarely found much info on running Powermac G3, G4 or G5’s headless – the only thing i did find was some $30US DR Bott headless adapter which is quite a bit of money to trick the card into thinking there is a monitor attached. overall cost is under $10

After some research the result is very simple –

What you will need:
3x 75Ohm Resistors if you can’t get 75Ohm try what i did and get something else close to 70
1x DB-15HI Male Connector
1x DB9 Shell
1x 1N4004 Rectifier Diode

Solder the resistors to connect
Pins 1&6, 2&7 and 3&8.

Using the 1N4004 connect pins 4&5 with the silver stripe side connected to pin 5.
Put on the casing and voila! a headless connector that should work on Most cards with an 15-Pin PC VGA connector (G3,G4 Powermacs)

For the Powermac G5 or any other DVI system just connect this adapter to a DVI-VGA adapter and you should also be fine.

Basically what this does, is pulls a load on the signal wires to the same amount a normal monitor would, and also provides an ID Signal to the video card, as far as your mac is concerned there is a screen connected!