STO: Star Trek Offline. The new MMO

Star Trek: Online

It could’ve been so much

Instead we get a half baked abortion of a game made by a company that seems hell bent on ignoring every support request their customers put in.

Well, almost all.

They seem to pop up in threads where some blind, neckbearded Star Trek nerd puts up a post praising the creators of the game and telling them it’s the best thing invented since cheetos. when one of those posts come up the GMs and Devs drop all their work and seem to suckle on the aforementioned neckbearded fellows cock.

You know, Cryptic would be better off spending less time sucking the dicks of religious star trek nerds who are blinded by their fetish for all things Star Trek and more time fixing the numerous bugs in the game, and replying to actual customers who have some valid input.

How about fixing the rego key issues? people (like me) can’t even apply their pre-order keys because the system claims not to recognise it.
There are extreme rubber banding issues
Regular disconnects and logouts
Missing items from the pre-order packs
Lack of content
Lack of diversity in missions. a majority of them are “go here, kill that”
Stop fucking bringing the servers down every night, during Australian Primetime.
Enough with the random disconnects, and the constant unplanned downtime
Give the game a death penalty, otherwise it’s like it is now, a never ending game of space lemmings where you keep going in to fight the valiant fight, die and then repeat.

Plenty of issues, instead we get bullshit patches for crap like spelling corrections.

I think the worst part is the community of unbathed blind neckbeard having e-heros who spend their time on the forums saying shit like “You should feel privileged to have a ST MMO” and to “stop whining”

Here’s an idea to those idiots, go fuck yourselves!

I paid something like $70 on the game, I’d like my moneys worth please! especially if these leeches want me to pay them monthly for a game based off of the star trek universe, even if they have physically violated it to the point they have and completely fucked with the canon.

The worst part is that I’ve essentially pissed away $70 on a game that I can’t play unless I want to give them more money for subscribing. 6 months down the track I might come back to it to see if the shit flinging monkeys at cryptic have managed to queef something out that resembles a playable game. right now we have a game that needs another year of development before it becomes playable. by then they could’ve gone bankrupt. making my $70 even more fucking wasted because I’ll never get a chance to play this bullshit.