UPDATED: Adobe is trying to fuck HTML5 in the ass while playing the innocent card.

While trying to be all happy and friendly towards HTML5  publicly they have lodged an objection on W3C mailing list in regards to the canvas property and haven’t publicly announced this.

The reason being that as it’s used for 2D Drawing and would be a direct competitor to the bloated, buggy crapware we’re forced to use now (flash)

Because of this objection, the spec will most likely be put on hold for now while this political bullshit of theirs is sorted.

Seriously Adobe, HTML5 will replace flash. you can either waste it’s last breaths thrashing around trying to survive or you can get in on the HTML5 pie with some tools that will allow people to make great HTML5 content.

(Source: Daring Fireball)


Adobe are claiming that they have in no way hindered HTML5 or any of it’s related specs

Quote by Larry Masinter – Adobe rep

No part of HTML5 is, or was ever, “blocked” in the W3C HTML Working Group — not HTML5, not Canvas 2D Graphics, not Microdata, not Video — not by me, not by Adobe.

Neither Adobe nor I oppose, are fighting, are trying to stop, slow down, hinder, oppose, or harm HTML5, Canvas 2D Graphics, Microdata, video in HTML, or any of the other significant features in HTML5.

Claims otherwise are false. Any other disclaimers needed?

Not sure if I believe it myself. but who knows.

7 thoughts on “UPDATED: Adobe is trying to fuck HTML5 in the ass while playing the innocent card.

  1. Alan

    HTML5 < Flash! …YouTube knows this, and it becomes painfully obvious to me everytime youtube serves me up one of those dreadful html5 videos.

    "Fuck it, I’ve had it. People at work have been pushing Silverlight for months, but I’ve always said no, Ajax, HTML 5, and the open web are the right way to go. Not any more, because it turns out the “open web”, rather than being the driven by the profits of a single company, is instead driven by the ego of a single man and his clique of sycophants."

    What's really going on here is that HTML5 is panning out to be a bust and the fanbois need someone to blame for their leaders greedy misstep!

    Steve and his clique of sycophants are wrong. HTML5 is decades away from meeting flash in experience and features.

  2. LIV2 Post author

    That must be why MS is dumping Silverlight, and I don’t know how you think a dead man is pulling the puppet strings on HTML5
    Apple doesn’t decide the HTML5 standards, W3C does.

  3. Snakeyes

    If flash wasn’t a buggy load of crap then we wouldn’t need something like HTML5. Fact is that Flash failed and people won’t something that actually works without all the issues that flash causes.

  4. john

    flash hasn’t failed me everytime it does i just update. But HTML5 is always bothering me when I’m trying to fullscreen on youtube because ive been automatically ‘OPTED in” to some BS and so they interfere with my videos proportions. It’s annoying. Flash doesn’t annoy me so far, HTML5 does.

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