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Basically what we have here is an article on Flash by somebody who self taught and has no qualifications or experience with anything else.
So, as I read it, it becomes clear to me that this fellow is afraid of change. Possibly because he will be left behind if he doesn’t learn HTML5 and also because he doesn’t seem to understand where companies like Adobe will really fit in when HTML5 replaces flash. Let’s explore this.

Open source they cry! A world wide web free of proprietary formats and buggy plug-ins they say! HTML 5 is here and finally spelling the end for Flash. It sounds like an Apple fan boy’s wet dream. A text pad wielding code monkey’s paradise too perhaps? But does the Flash platform need to die in order to achieve online Zenith where we ascend to a magical place where JavaScript libraries and cascading style sheets run wild and free.

Perhaps the issue people have is that Flash isn’t at all stable on OSX let alone any mobile device and even when running its performance is horrendous.
Why use a buggy slow piece of shit plugin when our browsers are capable of the same things flash is? this is more than just code monkeys. this is users and code monkeys alike.

I hope not. I have a soft spot for Flash. Fundamentally because it’s one of the most empowering creative tools of the digital age. It was a huge catalyst for content creation in the early days of the web, but flash also played a key role in the emergence of Web 2.0 through YouTube and Flickr technologies. It showed the web could have more than just static text and pictures, things like atmosphere, transitions and graphic style unparalleled in any HTML sites.

This is true, but it’s 2010 and the times are a changin’.

We now have an HTML spec that is capable of providing cross platform media in a way never before possible. without any proprietary plugins and without any performance hit or browser crashing caused by buggy closed-source plugins that will never be fixed. Flash did do a great thing for the web. but unfortunately for some its days are coming to a close. it pioneered some aspects of web media but HTML5 is going to take us forward.

Youtube understands this, and now support HTML5

I’d like to see HTML 5 do this. I remember I used to get a hard disk over this kinda thing 10 years ago when I was learning Flash. It offered an incredible insight into the potential of the platform and gave new meaning to the web. Sites like would clearly translate well to the iPad given the obvious attention to detail and design. This is not possible with HTML 5 yet. Nothing the bashers have put forward argues otherwise.

Once Adobe releases their HTML5 designing tools. there shouldn’t be any problems with that.

Would HTML 5 be able to create TV shows like Quads or how about a full length feature Drawn Together movie.

HTML5 is a web technology, it’s focus is not to create Television shows. however the canvas functions should be more than capable of this. we’ll just have to wait and see.

The web is better with Flash. A richer, more inclusive experience.

HTML5 is capable of the same things Flash is.

What Adobe has done right is to plant the seeds of a very diverse and colourful ecosystem of content producers, tools, resources and libraries out there for free (mostly) to anyone who wants to learn.

That’s right, plant the seeds.

What Andrew doesn’t seem to realise is that anything that Flash could do with the web, HTML5 can do better.
Flash is a buggy, poorly performing pile of shit. Designing a site in flash makes it impossible for people link to things on the site, makes it impossible for blind customers to use your site. makes it impossible for a search engine to index any of the content on the page or for the site to work on a machine which is incapable of supporting flash.

It is not the duty of a web browser to support a site, it is the duty of the site to work on any browser. sure some functionality being lost due to small amounts of flash based content on a site but when you build a full site out of flash it’s your own problem when it comes to your customers being unable to view your site.

Any web designer that designs a whole website out of flash is a hack, it’s simply bad etiquette to build a site that relies on flash. Any designer that I work with that uses flash so heavily is usually the self-taught kind. Like I said, sites should be designed to support the browser not the other way around.

However if you’re not particularly feeling like a hack then you’ll have no problems. your friends at Adobe are going to make it through the whole HTML5 thing just fine.

What some people don’t seem to realise is that Adobe will be one of the companies that brings HTML5 development tools to the market.

This is how people will deliver content using things like Canvas. they will provide the HTML5 video players etc. they will make it easy for the average simpleton to move from flash to HTML5.
If you’re capable of learning new things you’ll be fine, Adobe will give you all of the nice tools to make HTML5 development a drag and drop affair.

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