iPad, iWin or iFail?

Your average rumourtard

An interesting article some of you might find interesting on the iPad.

I tend to agree with the post, many people allowed themselves to believe the rumours of the iPad being some mystical cure for cancer and were dissapointed when they didn’t get what they had hoped for. so ended up crying like little babies.

The iPad is a great device, maybe not exactly what you want in a tablet but that doesn’t mean it’s shit. I mean they are nothing like netbooks so what’s to hate?


New blog

So I finally bit the bullet and installed WordPress. go me

I may or may not transfer the posts from the old blog across. depending on whether I can find a suitable database backup or not.

Time machine with unsupported network disks

Well I bought a new unibody Macbook Pro recently to replace my old one, and found that I couldn’t get Time Machine to backup to my server.

Even after using
defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1
at a commandline I still got “The backup disk image could not be created”
After much hair pulling and googling, I found that it was due to Time Machine calling some AFP functions introduced in Leopard
Problem with this being that my Tiger server doesn’t support these functions.
Of course the easy way to fix this was to create the image on my Leopard machine with the following command
hdiutil create -size 90G -fs HFS+J -type SPARSEBUNDLE HOSTNAME_MACCADR.sparsebundle
Obviously replacing HOSTNAME with your machines hostname and replacing MACADDR with your machines mac address for en0 minus the semicolons
Once that was complete all I had to do was copy the resulting image across to my backup drive on the server and it all worked.

Running a PowerMac G4 Headless

Running a PowerMac Headless – Finally a soluton that is cheap!

After searching around on the net i have rarely found much info on running Powermac G3, G4 or G5’s headless – the only thing i did find was some $30US DR Bott headless adapter which is quite a bit of money to trick the card into thinking there is a monitor attached. overall cost is under $10

After some research the result is very simple –

What you will need:
3x 75Ohm Resistors if you can’t get 75Ohm try what i did and get something else close to 70
1x DB-15HI Male Connector
1x DB9 Shell
1x 1N4004 Rectifier Diode

Solder the resistors to connect
Pins 1&6, 2&7 and 3&8.

Using the 1N4004 connect pins 4&5 with the silver stripe side connected to pin 5.
Put on the casing and voila! a headless connector that should work on Most cards with an 15-Pin PC VGA connector (G3,G4 Powermacs)

For the Powermac G5 or any other DVI system just connect this adapter to a DVI-VGA adapter and you should also be fine.

Basically what this does, is pulls a load on the signal wires to the same amount a normal monitor would, and also provides an ID Signal to the video card, as far as your mac is concerned there is a screen connected!

Fun with freeradius and Vista

Well as some of you would know i have had to use Vista increasingly lately due to work and the fact that nobody really knows what they are doing with it yet.

Everything has been going alright with it i suppose, vista is sort of growing on me.

Well, there was one major issue for me (probably not for most people though) and that was trying to get WPA Enterprise encryption working, i tried everything to get it to go without any luck initially.

After many hours of plugging away at the vista machine and modifying settings on it and on the radius server i was tearing my hair out! it was 3AM and i had achieved nothing, and have seen many other people with problems due to vista’s implementation of 802.1x/WPA Enterprise.

I found that one thing stopping me was FreeRadius being out of date, turns out that Microsoft updated the MSCHAPv2 Standard and remained silent about it, and thus FreeRadius wouldn’t work – I was pretty pleased to read that! it would solve all my problems… or would it.

So i went on the journey of recompiling FreeRadius on my server, and it is a bastard to get working with OSX sometimes. Especially when it can’t find the MySQL Libraries….

Even after upgrading it didn’t work! AGH!!! i was tearing my hair out wondering where it was failing, the radius logs were more cryptic than anything mainly because it’s being handled by the EAP module :(

after a while i conceded that username/password PEAP challenges were not going to happen, so i moved on to certificates. I re-generated all my ssl certificates and distributed them to all the computers, and they all worked – except for the vista installation…

After much probing around i managed to get vista to take the CA cert and use it, but it still wouldn’t auth with it and the client cert, however i’d noticed that it had caused username/password challenges to work correctly – i had a poke around and looked at some MS Knowledgebase articles and it turns out that it was trying to verify the server identity via a certificate, a certificate that it previously didn’t have.

Regenerating the client cert ended up fixing that issue, but i wanted to be able to login with a username and password without needing to install the CA cert on the computer, turns out i have to untick “do not ask the user to verify new/unknown server certificates” or something like that along with “verify server cert before joining”

A Simple fix, i believe it is a combination of the vista issue and with Freeradius and that i was too tired to fix it on account of it being 3AM, however i hope that if anyone out there is having the same issue (my googling proves that there is indeed a lot of people with the same issue) that they will find this info so they don’t have to become an insomniac due to FreeRadius too.

Hotlinking is bad…


Some Myspace faggot directly linked to my site the cunt, i gave him a helping hand with his profile and spruced it up a little

Click the pictures to enlarge.

Graphic Imagery.

His profile is found at: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=119793966

Update: LOL, already getting comments on his profile about the pic.

Update #2: He has now removed the pic.

Update #3: Added hotlink protection, and checked the logs. it seems there are others on myspace that have been posting images, the pages include the following, but you’ll need to hit ctrl+f5 on them as your browser has already cached the images off here;

Mac Classic

W00t i got a mac classic today yeah!

I have no real use for it, but it is a relic from the past and i was glad i could get my hands on one.

In other news i’ve also tweaked the CSS and the site now renders in IE properly.

Mac Classic

Mac Classic


  • CPU: 8 MHz Motorola 68000
  • ROM: 512 KB
  • RAM: 2 MB using 120 ns 30-pin SIMMs
  • Display: 9″ b&w screen, 512 x 342 pixels
  • Audio: 8-bit mono 22Khz
  • Hard drive: 40 MB
  • Floppy: 1.4 MB double sided
  • Size (HxWxD): 13.2″ x 9.7″ x 11.2″
  • Weight: 16 lb (7.3 kg)
  • Addressing: 24-bit only
  • Battery: 3.6 V lithium
  • Expansion slots: none
  • Upgrade path: none


  • ADB port for keyboard and mouse
  • Two mini-DIN-8 RS-422 Serial ports
  • DB-25 SCSI connector
  • Headphone 3.5 mm jack socket